Wedding Shower

Giovanni da Monte Cremasco
The Instruments of Human Sustenance (Humani Victus Instrumenta): Cooking, after 1569

Yesterday, my fiance Andy & I attended a wedding shower thrown in our honor by his wonderful aunts, equalling an afternoon full of incredible food and company. It’s dawning on me that in addition to gaining a husband this August, I’ll be gaining an incredible new set of grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. Everyone was beyond generous in showering us with items for our new life as a married couple. Andy & I love to cook together, but have always been limited by our lack of cookware—to suddenly have so many fun and useful new items is overwhelmingly wonderful!

Tonight we’re already enjoying a few of our lovely gifts, along with a perfect dinner for two.

1 The Newlywed Cookbook spotted at Anthropologie, with everything from tips for stocking a pantry for two, to recipes for Date Night and group gatherings alike / 2 Miguel Wine Carafe from Crate and Barrel, made of recycled glass / 3 Marin Blue Pasta-Low Bowl from Crate and Barrel, the perfect shape bowl for pretty much everything


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2 responses to “Wedding Shower

  1. What an elegant dinner setting. It was a wonderful shower! I have never seen the Instruments of Human Sustenance.

  2. jenny williams

    I am so glad you enjoyed yourself! It is so exciting to be getting a new niece. 😉

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