Yesterday turned into DIY wedding craft day—DIY table numbers, chalkboard signs, outdoor altar, oh my.

I will be creating chalkboard signage for the ceremony and reception, including one large chalkboard which will be placed on our family heirloom easel at the ceremony, and two smaller chalkboards for the Guestbook and Dessert tables. I purchased custom sized frames from, and opted to have blackboards placed inside the frames for me (for a pretty reasonable fee). I started & finished (woohoo!) the Guestbook Chalkboard yesterday, by printing our desired text to fit within the chalkboard dimensions, and using the old-school art class method of tracing (trace the back side of the design with pencil, sketch over the paper on the chalkboard to create a carbon tracing), which I then filled in with Chalk Ink.

I’m looking forward to working on our large ceremony program chalkboard!! Though our Thank You sign was fun to work on, the tiny lettering is a bit of a struggle. More DIY projects to come!

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