Jenaer Glass Teapot

Paul Klee
The Sublime Side postcard for “Bauhaus Exhibition Weimar 1923,” 1923

Lyonel Feininger
Postcard for “Bauhaus Exhibition July-October 1923,” 1923

Ludwig Hirschfeld-Mack
Postcard for “Bauhaus Exhibition Weimar 1923,” 1923

As the wedding draws closer, I am becoming more and more thankful for the incredible friends and family that have so generously supported Andy & I throughout our engagement. I’ll be attending a bridal shower brunch tomorrow morning, put together by some lovely family friends, and can’t wait to celebrate with some wonderful women.

This week I received a surprise engagement gift in the mail, a Jenaer Glass Teapot, so thoughtfully chosen, and so perfectly reflective of my aesthetic taste & love of objects with a history. The gift-giver even included a history of the teapot in the card: “Wilhelm Wagenfeld design teapot, a design classic of the modern era, Bauhaus inspired. 1931 the design was brought to legendary Jenaer Glaswerk in Germany, by its principal Erich Schott. Wagenfeld was commissioned to design heat resistant glass products and this teapot, in 3 different sizes, and a central diffuser to strain the tea, was his first design for the firm.” I aspire to one day be able to put together such thoughtful gifts, as I know I will think of the giver, and the history of the design, every time I sit down for a cup of tea.

Wilhelm Wagenfeld
Teapot, 1930-34

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