Architectural decor

Drawn by Anonymous, French, 16th century
Pantheon, portico, Corinthian column capital, projection, plan, and details; column shaft, profile; beam architrave, elevation (recto) Pantheon, cella, perspective, details; vault, details; portal, interior, cornice, profile (verso)

My very generous parents purchased Andy & I a new mattress as an early wedding gift, and we’ve been on the hunt ever since for our very first bed frame. Though Restoration Hardware is out of the budget for now, I’m rather in love with the trend toward strongly architectural pieces (minus some of R.H.’s ridiculously over-sized items)—architectural headboards, corbel desk legs, and dormer mirrors.


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2 responses to “Architectural decor

  1. I really like all these architectural pieces, especially the bed for one of my next projects, the master!

  2. I’m not surprised that you love this style of furniture… I’m quite addicted myself…. good luck finding something perfect 🙂 XX Cat

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