Jacob Vosmaer
A Vase with Flowers, ca. 1613
Oil on wood

Yesterday I met with my wedding florist to finalize all the details for the big day. We’ll be using vintage pitchers, silver and white and soft-colored ceramic, as the vessels for our table centerpieces, filled with garden roses, ranunculus, and whatever else the florist finds at our local flower farm, in shades of peach, pink and white. I am absolutely loving the trend toward Dutch still-life inspired arrangements, capturing textural and colorful blooms and fruit, artfully composed. Gorgeous images below via the talented Brooklyn based florist/stylist, Amy Merrick.



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2 responses to “Flora

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  2. Jacob Vosmaer, was one of the first artists I fell in love with. My first visit to a museum invoked quite a stir in me. I was thrilled to see this on your page, being this is the first page I have visited since opening my account here. Thank you for bringing back an artist that has resemblance to me. Your centerpieces are also striking as well.


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