Latest Love: Shelby Hughes

Shelby Hughes’ (American, b. 1981) playfully colorful works draw you in to beautifully intricate, quite delicate, landscapes. I’m especially enamored with the palette of Shelby’s Inlet Intuit—I’d love to immerse a whole room in the perfect minty hue.

Shelby Hughes
Inlet Intuit, 2003
Watercolor, felt-tip pen, gel-ink pen, colored pencil, and spray paint on colored paper

Shelby Hughes
Phantom Ship, 2003
Colored ink, colored pencil, and spray paint on transparentized paper

Shelby Hughes
Milk and Glassine, 2003
Synthetic polymer paint, felt-tip pen, gel-ink pen, pencil, and spray paint on colored paper

Shelby Hughes
Study for Magnetic Living, 2003
Watercolor, felt-tip pen, and gel-ink pen on paper



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3 responses to “Latest Love: Shelby Hughes

  1. Hi there! This is Shelby– thank you so much for the post on my work!
    The Rothschilde drawing gift was truly a wonderful thing for MOMA and also for the art comminuty that at the time was full of youthful enthusiasm and there was a great push to work hard TOGETHER alongside other artists as well as being open to collaborate on projects together.. (obviously more difficult to sell but, hey, we felt like we were makin our own little mark rejecting the average status quo of the solo artist brand competition
    I’ll definitely start checking our you musings and pics on the regular!

    Cheers, and have a great day!

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