Happy Tears

Some of the most praised details from our wedding day, were the various DIY projects and antique store hunts we completed for the big day. Amongst which included, chalkboard signs, a wooden arbor for the ceremony, ‘happy tears handkerchiefs’ for the guests, and vintage pitchers for the reception centerpieces.

Photo by Matt Haas Photography

These little but important touches ended up becoming lovely memories for many of the guests—many guests expressing how painstakingly they chose a special handkerchief to take home—hankies which were much needed I might add, our ceremony was definitely a tear filled event (after our vows the husband and I even pulled handkerchiefs from our pockets at the same time, a moment which caused plenty of laughter amongst our guests). Others even contacted us later with stories of how the hankie had become a part of other special moments in their lives—my uncle who found the hankie in his pocket (in a moment of need) after dropping his eldest daughter off for her first day of college shortly after the wedding, another guest used her hankie to dry her tears while her granddaughter who lives in China was visiting. When the seven year old expressed concern over her grandmother’s tears, her grandma explained that they were not sad tears, but happy tears, as she was using her ‘happy tears hankie’. The seven year old then became even more concerned over the fact that she did not own a ‘happy tears hankie,’ and so the hankie was passed down, and now resides in China. It’s these little stories that will make the lovely memories from our big day continue to grow.

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