Damien Hirst
I Want Love, 1999
Butterflies and household gloss on canvas

Damien Hirst
I Feel Love, 1994-1995
Butterflies and household gloss on canvas

Damien Hirst
Untitled, 1992
Screenprint on paper

Saturday marked the Milwaukee Public Museum’s annual Collector’s Day, where collectors from across the region exhibited their own anthologies for visitors to peruse. My own love of collecting started with my mother’s childhood collections of rocks and shells, neatly displayed in shoe boxes, which never cease to amaze me.

My urge to collect has continued, in the form of ticket stubs, charms, old sheet music, corks from special occasions—each of which I love to pull out of hiding, when in the mood to reminisce. As of late, I have undertaken the endeavor of freeing my collections from their boxes and closet shelves, quite determined to find spots for each where I can actually admire them. So far a few of the prized assemblages have found homes—our corks relocated to a lovely old mason jar I found at a local antique store, and my collection of old sheet music from my grandfather, now displayed in our bedroom using Magnart magnets (love these by the way, a fairly affordable display system for items you like to change out frequently).

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