Home as Museum

Though I love the idea of an art-filled home, there are some interiors out there that are beyond over the top. Nevertheless, these spaces are entrancing.

One such home, situated in New York City’s Upper West Side, overlooking Central Park, is worth upwards of $20 million, every surface covered in covetable works—a 2,500 year old quilt set alongside a wood table and chair set by 20th century artisan George Nakashimi, corinthian columns extending from the living room floor to 24 foot-high ceilings, covered in a mural by Madrid-based artist Ramon Canet.

Along another vein, Dennis Severs’ House, located in London, fosters the idea of home as museum. Created by artist Dennis Severs, and now maintained by his friends, the Dennis Severs’ House has been frozen within the 18th Century. Spotted on Desire to Inspire, this space is truly a work of love, each room suspended as if a member of the household has simply wandered to the next room.


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