Thanksgiving Menu

This year we’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving with the husband’s family, and I cannot wait for the delicious spread that’s sure to come, and the wonderful company of both my parents and my new extended family. This year is definitely going to bring some changes in our holiday traditions, as we navigate married life, and the combining of each of our family traditions, with those of our own.

We all have that one dish that makes Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving. Our annual family staple is known as ‘Pineapple Stuff,’ basically a sweet pineapple stuffing, and it looks like it’s my job to make it this year! I’m absolutely taken with these early 20th century menus, and the traditions that emerge! Consomme? Assorted candy, nuts and cigarettes? Love it.

What is your favorite it-isn’t-Thanksgiving-without-it dish?

George Elbert Burr
Thanksgiving Menu, 1905
Pen and ink and watercolor on paper

Thanksgiving Menu, Company 1968, 1933
Ink on paper

Some of my favorite Thanksgiving Day guides and menu ideas from around blog land (definitely keeping these filed away, for when the day comes that I have to cook an entire Thanksgiving meal):

Style Me Pretty Thanksgiving

Spoon Fork Bacon Thanksgiving Round Up

The Glitter Guide: The Perfect Pair

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