Feeding the Ducks

Mary Cassatt (American, 1844-1926), Feeding the Ducks, c. 1895, Drypoint and aquatint, with monotype inking, in color on cream laid paper

Spring finally reared its head in Milwaukee this weekend, and the city was out in fully force. The new apartment is steps away from both Milwaukee’s RiverWalk, which runs along Downtown’s Milwaukee River, and the Hank Aaron State Trail, which though 10 miles in total, is also a perfect shortcut from our apartment to the city’s Lakefront. I love that despite the fact that we’re in the middle of the city, we can still catch a glimpse of our agrarian neighbors. This week’s sighting, the most delicate, Cassatt-worthy duck’s nest, right on the river boardwalk.

Milwaukee RiverWalk | Good Old Modern

Duck's Nest | Good Old Modern


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2 responses to “Feeding the Ducks

  1. Diana

    I never got a chance to take art history but I am learning with each blog. Both this work and the tie to your current location are most enjoyable.

  2. Carolyn and Grampa

    We’ve always loved Mary Cassatt’s work and hadn’t seen this one. Thanks for bringing it to our attention! Ducks and geese are nesting along Seneca Creek in Maryland now as wildflowers have passed their peak

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