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Latest Love: Louis le Brocquy

Louis le Brocquy, Army massing, 1969 lithograph on Swiftbrook paper

Though an admirer of Louis le Brocquy’s paintings, I had never before come across the artist’s print-work. Throughout his life, le Brocquy collaborated with a number of Irish writers, including his friends Samuel Beckett and Seamus Heaney. After happening upon one of the artist’s most notable collaborations, le Brocquy’s lithographic brush drawings for Thomas Kinsella’s The Táin of 1969, I was immediately taken with the beautifully simplistic and calligraphic forms. The Táin includes one hundred and thirty-three black and white drawings detailing Ireland’s proto-historic past, printed on Swiftbrook Paper Mills, Co., reproduced by line block, printed by Dolmen Press, Dublin, limited edition of 1,750 copies.

Louis le Brocquy, Macha pleading, 1969 lithograph on Swiftbrook paper

Louis le Brocquy, Death of Fraech, 196 lithograph on Swiftbrook paper

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Latest Love: Jennifer Ament

After spotting an image of Jennifer Ament’s recent show at Maison Luxe in Seattle, I was immediately hooked. The beautiful prints and paintings of artist Jennifer Ament, seem to be popping up everywhere lately, from my favorite Instagram accounts to the Art Collection of Serena & Lily. Ament’s most recent series, Underwater Plant Life, is truly stunning. I’m already picturing a gallery wall featuring row upon row of the delicate undulating plants (I especially love the artist’s choice of black matting and gold frames in displaying the series, as seen at Serena & Lily). I am also drawn to the series of paintings featured at Maison Luxe, described by Ament on the artist’s blog Art & Lair:

My wall of Watercolors, Original Ink on Paper, and Collage were a year in the making. My inspiration came from planets not yet discovered, the galaxy surrounding us, and the insides of Minerals.

Jennifer Ament, Agate Moon

Jennifer Ament, Moon Waves I

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Latest Love: Stanford Kay

Anthology, 2006, Acrylic on canvas

Stanford Kay‘s Gutenberg Variations depict collections of books, balanced in columnar stacks and strewn across towering shelves, captured in beautifully comibined strokes of color. Kay presents the stacked volumes as kindred to paintings, both “depositories of ideas”:

The books we read and the paintings we live with, define and reveal us. Just as a book requires the reader to assemble images and ideas out of its signs and symbols, the viewer of a painting is asked to translate the strokes and drips into reason and emotion.

I am especially smitten with Kay’s compositions and palettes from the Gutenberg Variations 2003-2005, and 2006-2008.

Well Read No. 2, Acrylic on canvas

The History of Blue, 2003, Acrylic on canvas

What I Know About Her, 2003, Acrylic on canvas

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Latest Love: Simone Shubuck & Domaine

Monday marked the launch of a fabulous new home decor site, Domaine, sure to become a mecca for decorating inspiration, and lifestyle tips. As the mr. & I recently moved, the hunt has begun for our aesthetic vision—the key furniture pieces that will make the perfect foundation for our style, and the little touches that will make it home. I have a feeling Domaine is the answer to my current blank-canvas-induced decorating standstill.


Thanks to Domaine, I’ve also developed a new artist crush, for the botanical mixed media works of Simone Shubuck. Check out her stunningly layered compositions at Taylor De Cordoba.

Simone Shubuck, Compartment For Beliefs, 2012, Mixed Media on paper

Simone Shubuck, Believe It, 2012, Mixed Media on paper

Simone Shubuck, Steath Grandma Speak, 2013, Mixed Media on paper

Simone Shubuck, Godie Top, 2012, Mixed Media on paper

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Latest Love: Kees van Dongen

Kees van Dongen (Dutch, 1877–1968), Place Vendome, 1918–20, Oil on canvas

I’ve always adored this work, Place Vendome, a permanent resident of The Mrs. Harry L. Bradley Collection at the Milwaukee Art Museum. Although Dutch-born French painter and printmaker, Kees van Dongen, is most renowned for his sensual female portraits, I find myself drawn to his charmingly vibrant scenes of bustling Parisian streets, crowded racetracks and teeming seascapes. Van Dongen remained committed to the short-lived Fauvist style throughout his career, his subjects emerging from strong painterly strokes, and stretches of bold unblended color.

Kees van Dongen, Maria, 1907–10, Oil on canvas

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Latest Love: Jazmin Berakha

My latest obsession, Jazmin Berakha’s (Buenos Aires, 1980) stunningly modern embroidery works. I would love to see one of these beauties up close!

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