Pierre Bonnard, Garden, ca. 1935, Oil on canvas

I am done with Winter. Turning my calendar to March, while there’s still snow on the ground ? No thank you.

Spring fever has me itching to throw open my apartment windows, and let the fresh air in—to escape the frigid Wisconsin weather, and bleak grey scenery, and take a walk through Bonnard’s colorful Garden. For now, I’ll have to make-do with fresh flowers and Rifle Paper Co.’s beautiful blooms. When Spring finally decides to roll around, I’ll be checking these warm weather cravings off my to-do list:

  • A visit to my favorite annual event at the Milwaukee Art Museum, Art in Bloom, a tribute to art and flowers, March 27th to 30th.
  • Smitten Kitchen’s Spring Panzanella, a delicious twist on classic panzanella (and who doesn’t love bread salad?)
  • An afternoon at Estebrook Beer Garden with the husband, and run around the neighboring dog park with Auggie Doggie (who is bouncing off the walls this Winter).

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One Hundred

photo 2-5

Thank you to my subscribers and followers, happenchance visitors, and friends and family whose encouragement I could not do without. Cheers to 100 posts on GoodOldModern!


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Girl Writing

Milton Avery, Girl Writing, 1941, Oil on canvas

After ringing in the New Year with a few close friends & plenty of champagne, I still had no idea what resolutions to set for the coming year. Though a bit late, I think I’ve finally established some goals for the coming year, with the help of Waiting on Martha’s lovely idea, of choosing a “word” for 2014:

I write my resolutions, and pick my “word” for 2014.  For those that haven’t ever picked a word before your word is supposed to encompass a desire, a want, a goal that you hope comes to fruition in the new year.

How I choose my word is really more instinctual than anything else.  I simply grow quiet and go through this list writing down every word that speaks to me.  Then from those chosen words I start crossing each word off until only one remains. – “GO” Waiting on Martha

So, this year, I want to ‘rise’. I want to rise in the mundane and daily sense, to rise each morning with intention, and start each day with my health in mind. I want to rise in the grand sense, to rise to my full potential, to meet challenges head on which I have procrastinated in the past.

I know myself well enough to know, that if I am truly going to complete my New Years resolutions, they need to be specific. Go to the gym more often? Not gonna happen without a specific goal to motivate me, and to work toward throughout the year. So, in line with my 2014 affirmation to ‘rise’, here we go:

1. This is the year I will finally run a marathon. The big 26.2 has always been on my long list of things to do in my lifetime, so why not this year? I’ve decided to work toward the Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon on October 5th, which means I’ll need to start training this April.

2. I would like to raise my confidence and self-expectations as a blogger. I didn’t publish as many blog posts as I would have liked in 2013, which was often a source of guilt for me. But I have come to realize, that though I love to blog, I also like to spend time unplugged. This year I hope to better plan ahead for blog posts, to find a balance that works for me, and to publish more blog posts than last year.

I hope you have all had a wonderful start to the New Year, and if not, it’s not too late to commit to making the most of 2014!


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Gallery Wall, featuring Deidre DeWaal


As of late, I’ve been preoccupied with creating a gallery wall in our apartment. Though the husband & I have been settled in the apartment for almost ten months, as of a few weeks ago there were still stacks of framed works sitting on our bedroom floor.

My desire for a gallery wall was sparked by a lovely wedding gift from artist Deidre DeWaal, entitled Peonies, which I finally had professionally framed. Painter Deidre DeWaal has exhibited throughout the United States, as well as the Netherlands, Switzerland, France and Ecuador. Her works are part of the Smithsonian Institution’s permanent collection, in addition to numerous private collections. DeWaal’s contemporary florals exhibit the traditional sumi-e style, or Japanese ink wash painting, each fluid brush stroke perfectly placed, capturing the form and spirit of the blooms.

GalleryWall2-GoodOldModern GalleryWall3-GoodOldModern

Though I’m still on the hunt for some smaller works to fill our frames, I’m happy to finally have Peonies where it can truly be appreciated, along with a lovely little painting by my grandmother, and some paper ephemera from the husband’s and I’s travels. I’m hoping to add a couple of favorite prints that have been on my wish list, including Elizabeth Mayville’s portraits, and one of Gray Malin’s gorgeous prints (I’m especially drawn to his images of Cinque Terre, one of my favorite spots in Italy).

Elizabeth Mayville

Gray Malin, Cinque Terre Vertical



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October in Milwaukee


We’re starting to feel a chill in the air here in Milwaukee, which means it’s time to break out the plaid and polish up your boots. This weekend I’ll be getting into the Fall mood—pulling my cool weather wardrobe out of storage, giving the apartment a little seasonal make-over, and checking off some items on my October in Milwaukee to-do list:
—Grab a coffee and cuddle up next to the fire on the Stone Creek Coffee patio, located at their newest location next to the new Radio Milwaukee studios.
—Master the art of pie-making (and if you fail, there’s always The Elegant Farmer)
—Head out to your nearest pumpkin patch
—Whip up a batch of Spoon Fork Bacon’s Pumpkin Beer Cheese Soup (love the shout-out to Wisconsin’s Mars Cheese Castle)
—Find creative inspiration in the season—whether in nature (loving these DIY pumpkin candle holders) or the fine art realm—I’m especially smitten with artist Steven Vasquez Lopez’s incredible hand-drawn works on paper, from the Some Strings Attached and Patches series.
Steven Vasques Lopez, Patches 016, 2013, Ink on paper

Steven Vasques Lopez, Patches 016, 2013, Ink on paper

Steven Vasquez Lopez, Some strings attached 006, 2012, Ink on paper, 11 x 14 in.

Steven Vasquez Lopez, Some strings attached 006, 2012, Ink on paper, 11 x 14 in.


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Black Stockings

Pierre Bonnard (French, 1867–1947), Young Woman in Black Stockings (Jeune femme aux bas noirs), 1893-94, Lithograph

Ready for brisk Fall air, cozy knit sweaters and stockings, and cool weather comfort food (dying to try absolutely all of these recipes). Happy first day of Autumn everyone!

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