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Latest Love: František Kupka

František Kupka (1871-1957) began his career as an illustrator in Paris, quickly becoming known for his satirical drawings. Kupka’s later works became increasingly abstract, exhibiting an astounding use of color and motion, leading to his becoming a founding member of Abstraction-Création, together with Jean Arp, Albert Gleizes, Jean Hélion, Auguste Herbin, Theo van Doesburg, and Georges Vantongerloo. I have always been enraptured with Mme Kupka among Verticals, and have only recently discovered some of the artist’s lesser known, yet equally lovely studies.

Bather, 1906
Pastel and charcoal on gray paper

Mme Kupka among Verticals, 1910-11
Oil on canvas

Planes by Colors, Large Nude (Plans par couleurs, grand nu), 1909–10
Oil on canvas

Study with Green, 1912
Chalk and gouache on paper


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