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Latest Love: Stanford Kay

Anthology, 2006, Acrylic on canvas

Stanford Kay‘s Gutenberg Variations depict collections of books, balanced in columnar stacks and strewn across towering shelves,┬ácaptured in beautifully comibined strokes of color. Kay presents the stacked volumes as kindred to paintings, both “depositories of ideas”:

The books we read and the paintings we live with, define and reveal us. Just as a book requires the reader to assemble images and ideas out of its signs and symbols, the viewer of a painting is asked to translate the strokes and drips into reason and emotion.

I am especially smitten with Kay’s compositions and palettes from the Gutenberg Variations 2003-2005, and 2006-2008.

Well Read No. 2, Acrylic on canvas

The History of Blue, 2003, Acrylic on canvas

What I Know About Her, 2003, Acrylic on canvas

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