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Harley-Davidson 110th Anniversary

Tank Wall, Harley-Davidson Museum

This Labor Day weekend, Milwaukee will host a monumental celebration for Harley-Davidson’s 110th Anniversary, featuring 60 bands, street parties featuring bikes from all over the world, and a host activities on the Harley-Davidson Museum grounds. If you’ve never visited the Harley-Davidson Museum, it is striking.  Truly impeccably designed. Each artfully displayed exhibit explores the history of the Harley, and culture surrounding the iconic company. Whether you have little to no interest in motorcycles, or are a life-long enthusiast, do not miss out on this museum.

If you plan to visit the Harley-Davidson Museum this Labor Day weekend, timed ticketing reservations are highly recommended. As I’ve already toured the museum, I’ll be taking in the celebration at a distance and doing a little people watching (with a cocktail in hand) at The Yard, the fabulous patio at Milwaukee’s boutique hotel, The Iron Horse (appropriately geared toward motorcycle enthusiasts). Enjoy your Labor Day weekend!

The Motorcycle Gallery, Upper Level, Harley-Davison Museum

Board Track Display, Harley-Davidson Museum

*images: Harley-Davidson Museum

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Summer heat

Walker Evans
Detail of Ice Truck, 1973-74
Instant color print

Last night, I went to see Moonrise Kingdom (fantastic by the way) at Milwaukee’s (air-conditioned)  Oriental Theater with the fiance & his brother, but tonight, we’ll be melting away in our 90-something degree apartment. In an attempt to beat the heat, my private bartender (yes, the fiance once again), made us a couple of summer cocktails to sip while we visualize ourselves staying cool.

1 Summer cocktail time, Gin & Tonic and Moscow Mule  2 Industrial Vintage Aqua Blue Zero Fan 1950s found on etsy via Cosa Buena   3 Jumbo Silicone Ice Cube Tray from Crate and Barrel, for chilled drinks that don’t immediately become watered down  4 delicious and refreshing Coconut Water Fruit Floes from Trader Joe’s  Korres Greek Yoghurt Hydrating & Cooling Body Duo found at Sephora

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