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Street Scene

Félix Vallotton (Swiss, Lausanne 1865–1925 Paris), Street Scene in Paris (Coin de rue à Paris), 1895, Gouache and oil on cardboard

Milwaukee is bustling! Summerfest, the World’s Largest Music Festival, is currently taking place here in Milwaukee, and having an extra 900,000 people packed into the city makes it feel a bit more crowded than usual, especially living within walking distance of the fair’s lakefront location. Though I’m not a fan of my quadrupled commute time, or the fruitless attempts at walking our 4 month old puppy without stopping every other step (which rarely happens on a deserted sidewalk, much less a packed one), I’m still looking forward to stopping by Milwaukee’s annual fest (primarily for a taste of Saz’s famous sour cream & chive fries? guilty.) Though Milwaukee’s crowds are not as glamorous as Vallotton’s, absolutely in love with the artist’s broad saturated planes of color.

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