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Radio Silence

After a rather long radio silence, my thoughts have returned to Good Old Modern. This past year has been a busy one, and I quickly came to realize that my attention could only be pulled in so many directions.

Last October, I completed my 2014 New Years resolution to finally run my first marathon. I had no idea how EXHAUSTING marathon training would be, both physically and mentally. During seven months of training, my weekends were quickly reduced to long run. eat. sleep. But, would I do it again? Definitely. The race was exhilaratinggorgeous Lakefront views, the support from runners and spectators, and the pride of crossing the finish line.

Marathon Starting LineMarathon Prep

In other news, this Winter, the husband and I moved from our Downtown Milwaukee apartment, to a sweet little Tudor house, in beautiful condition, but in need of plenty of cosmetic help (so. much. wallpaper.)

First House

Currently on the hunt for some artistic inspiration for the color palette in our house—feeling especially drawn to the soft blue and lilac hues of Matisse’s The Knife Thrower (Le Lanceur de couteaux) from Jazz.

The Knife Thrower (Le Lanceur de couteaux) from Jazz Henri Matisse (French, 1869–1954), The Knife Thrower (Le Lanceur de couteaux) from Jazz, 1947, One from a portfolio of twenty pochoirs

Henri Matisse, The Knife Thrower (Le Lanceur de couteaux) from Jazz, 1947, one from a portfolio of twenty pochoirs


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Artist Inspired: Matisse

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Henri Matisse was one of the crucial artistic figures of the twentieth century, known for his expressive use of color and range of works in a variety of medium, from paintings and sculpture, to paper cut-out collage. Matisse’s dynamic works make for welcome inspiration—and a reminder not to shy away from allowing a bit of vibrant color, or perhaps some bold pattern, into our own surroundings.

Talisman Kilim / Livia Linen Settee / Indigo Check Tablecloth / Framed Flying Bird / Libations Bar Cart / Switchgrass Square Pillow / Emerald Vase / Natural World Dessert Plate / High Neck Vase / Filigree Hurricane, Large / Filigree Hurricane, Small


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