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Gallery Wall, featuring Deidre DeWaal


As of late, I’ve been preoccupied with creating a gallery wall in our apartment. Though the husband & I have been settled in the apartment for almost ten months, as of a few weeks ago there were still stacks of framed works sitting on our bedroom floor.

My desire for a gallery wall was sparked by a lovely wedding gift from artist Deidre DeWaal, entitled Peonies, which I finally had professionally framed. Painter Deidre DeWaal has exhibited throughout the United States, as well as the Netherlands, Switzerland, France and Ecuador. Her works are part of the Smithsonian Institution’s permanent collection, in addition to numerous private collections. DeWaal’s contemporary florals exhibit the traditional sumi-e style, or Japanese ink wash painting, each fluid brush stroke perfectly placed, capturing the form and spirit of the blooms.

GalleryWall2-GoodOldModern GalleryWall3-GoodOldModern

Though I’m still on the hunt for some smaller works to fill our frames, I’m happy to finally have Peonies where it can truly be appreciated, along with a lovely little painting by my grandmother, and some paper ephemera from the husband’s and I’s travels. I’m hoping to add a couple of favorite prints that have been on my wish list, including Elizabeth Mayville’s portraits, and one of Gray Malin’s gorgeous prints (I’m especially drawn to his images of Cinque Terre, one of my favorite spots in Italy).

Elizabeth Mayville

Gray Malin, Cinque Terre Vertical



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One Year Anniversary

Matt Haas Photography

Celebrating one year of marriage with this handsome guy! Happy anniversary Mr. xo

Photo by Matt Haas Photography

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Oh, You Bitty Things

Pablo Picasso (Spanish, 1881–1973), The Grasshopper from the illustrated book Eaux Fortes originales pour textes du Buffon (Histoire Naturelle), print executed 1936, published 1942, Aquatint, etching, and drypoint

Talented Wisconsin-born filmmaker and wildlife-lover, Jordan Brown, was recently featured in the Washington City Paper, for his stunning footage and stills of the hidden world of insects, his subjects captured in Washington D.C.’s Rock Creek Park. Check out “Oh, You Bitty Things: Jordan Brown Documents the Lives of D.C.’s Bugs” by David Frey, at the Washington City Paper’s Arts Desk.

Jordan Brown, A Jumping Spider Seeks Shelter

Jordan Brown, Firefly Larva


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Natural History: Portrait Society Gallery

In celebrating the re-opening of the Portrait Society in Milwaukee’s Third Ward, after three months of renovation, the gallery will be presenting three new shows, including Natural History: Barbara Ciurej & Lindsay Lochman.

Ciurej and Lochman’s collaborative photographs features portrait busts of women, cloaked in the forms of plants. Described by the artists as:

“portraits into tangled shadows of time. Grafting techniques from the history of photography, the cyanotype impressions of botanicals pay homage to Anna Atkins’ use of the medium in the nineteenth century…They speak of evanescence and hidden nature.”

Greatly looking forward to the opening tonight!

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Latest Love: Rune Guneriussen


Though I’ve never been much of an installation art fan, I’m quite in love with the work of Norwegian artist Rune Guneriussen, born 1977. Guneriussen creates stories which explore the relationship between nature and human creation, through his large-scale installations created on site in Norway, which are then photographed by the artist.

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Lovers Returning to a Palace, late 18th c.
Ink and opaque watercolor on paper

Alright. Finally returning from my rather long hiatus. It’s back to reality, after an absolutely lovely wedding day, and wonderfully tropical honeymoon with the husband. Though the big day is over, we’ve been enjoying reliving all the little details we missed, looking back at the preview photos we’ve received so far from our photographer Matt from Matt Haas Photography.

More photos to come as we look back on our day!

Photo by Matt Haas Photography

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