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Artist Inspired: Matisse

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Henri Matisse was one of the crucial artistic figures of the twentieth century, known for his expressive use of color and range of works in a variety of medium, from paintings and sculpture, to paper cut-out collage. Matisse’s dynamic works make for welcome inspiration—and a reminder not to shy away from allowing a bit of vibrant color, or perhaps some bold pattern, into our own surroundings.

Talisman Kilim / Livia Linen Settee / Indigo Check Tablecloth / Framed Flying Bird / Libations Bar Cart / Switchgrass Square Pillow / Emerald Vase / Natural World Dessert Plate / High Neck Vase / Filigree Hurricane, Large / Filigree Hurricane, Small



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Payne’s Gray

Grey is the new Black / Geode Slice Necklace / Euphoric Maxi Dress / The Porchstripe Streetside SandalYou Are My Sunshine Pillow / Cy Twombly, Untitled, 1972

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