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Good Old Modern Weekend

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The Art of Giving

Christmas has snuck up as always! The husband and I both took Monday
off this week for some intensive holiday shopping, but there is still plenty
of wrapping and baking left to do before Christmas arrives. We have a
friend’s holiday party tonight, and are ready to get into the holiday spirit!
—Some last minute gift ideas for the artist or art lover in each of us—


The Art of Giving

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Artist Inspired: Dürer

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Renowned German painter, printmaker and writer, Albrecht Dürer (1471–1528) is one of the most celebrated artistic figures of the Northern Renaissance. Dürer’s work has immensely contributed to the printmaking medium as an art form, his delicate prints ranging from religious scenes to exacting studies of animals and the human form. Feeling Dürer-inspired as of late—natural touches, animal motifs, and delicate black and white lines.

Madewell pullover sweater / Madewell fitted shirt / J.Crew j crew / Madewell boots / Madewell spike necklace

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