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Girl on a Bicycle

 Fullscreen Images (2)  Marcel Vertès  (Ujpest, Hungary 1895–Paris 1961), Girl on a Bicycle, Watercolor and graphite, with graphite border

Marcel Vertès (Ujpest, Hungary 1895–Paris 1961), Girl on a Bicycle, Watercolor and graphite with graphite border

As part of an incredible wedding gift from my parents-in-law, the husband & I picked out brand new bicycles last month, both of which arrived this weekend—a road bike for the husband & a hybrid for me. My trusty red Schwinn was stolen last year, and I’ve been itching for new wheels ever since. Though I probably won’t look as elegant as Vertès’ Girl on a Bicycle, we’ll be hitting the lakefront bike trails this weekend, and perhaps head toward Milwaukee’s French festival, Bastille Days.

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Watercolor Bouquets

Well, more rain and chilly weather for us Wisconsinites. Turning to Raoul Dufy’s  (French, 1877-1953) vibrant florals, until Spring heads our way.


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Farewell, October

Jules Bastien-Lepage (French, 1848-1884)
The Acorn and the Pumpkin, 1881
Watercolor on ivory wove card

How on earth did October sneak by so quickly? Happy Halloween all!

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Latest Love: Shelby Hughes

Shelby Hughes’ (American, b. 1981) playfully colorful works draw you in to beautifully intricate, quite delicate, landscapes. I’m especially enamored with the palette of Shelby’s Inlet Intuit—I’d love to immerse a whole room in the perfect minty hue.

Shelby Hughes
Inlet Intuit, 2003
Watercolor, felt-tip pen, gel-ink pen, colored pencil, and spray paint on colored paper

Shelby Hughes
Phantom Ship, 2003
Colored ink, colored pencil, and spray paint on transparentized paper

Shelby Hughes
Milk and Glassine, 2003
Synthetic polymer paint, felt-tip pen, gel-ink pen, pencil, and spray paint on colored paper

Shelby Hughes
Study for Magnetic Living, 2003
Watercolor, felt-tip pen, and gel-ink pen on paper


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Lovers Returning to a Palace, late 18th c.
Ink and opaque watercolor on paper

Alright. Finally returning from my rather long hiatus. It’s back to reality, after an absolutely lovely wedding day, and wonderfully tropical honeymoon with the husband. Though the big day is over, we’ve been enjoying reliving all the little details we missed, looking back at the preview photos we’ve received so far from our photographer Matt from Matt Haas Photography.

More photos to come as we look back on our day!

Photo by Matt Haas Photography

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Fruit addict here

Fantastic Hairdresses with Fruit and Vegetable Motifs
Anonymous, French, 18th c.
Watercolor on canvas laid down on board

How hilariously lovely are these watercolors.

I’m not so sure I could pull this look off as well as these ladies, but I do feel like these hair-dresses closely resemble my latest grocery runs. I am a professed fruit addict, and could pretty much eat yogurt & fruit for every meal of the day. Seeing as how I live with a meat&veggie guy, this is not (usually) the case, but I do still look forward to my daily yogurt and fruit for breakfast every morning. Most mornings feature a big bowl of Stonyfield 0% fat French Vanilla yogurt or Chobani Greek Yogurt, mixed with 1 Tablespoon of Oat Bran, 1 sliced banana and some berries, with a drizzle of Lifeway Lowfat Kefir on top (my go to protein-packed drink after a good run).

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